HISTORY/SERVICE Watermark Foods was formed in August of 1995, in Annapolis, MD, as part of a specialty food company of the same name in Rochester, NY. It was operated as a separate company until September 11 2001, when it was moved to its present location in Hanover, MD.

Belair Produce later acquired Watermark Foods in July of 2002 to enhance their product lines and offer more to their customers. As parent company of Watermark Foods, Belair first opened in 1910 and has been family owned and operated until the present day.

Belair owns all assets outright including the present facilities (24,000 sq. ft).

Specialty foods have become mainstream items for most food service companies with some carrying thousands of products. Watermark has taken a slightly different approach by concentrating on core product groups and offering a broad variety of items for express special orders. A fast response and adaptability is our main interest.